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last changeSun, 3 Nov 2013 11:49:32 +0000 (12:49 +0100)
2013-11-03 Roland StiggeFix script master
2013-05-01 Roland StiggeFix segfault on folder change w/o "scan" - add "read...
2013-04-24 Roland StiggeTranslation update
2013-04-24 Roland StiggeAdded test suite, -v / verbose switch to cli version
2013-04-20 Roland StiggeAdd Icons to ballot list to show ballot state
2013-04-20 Roland StiggeNamed Ballot files "ballot..." instead of "out..."
2013-04-20 Roland StiggeImplemented options in CLI, as available in GUI as...
2013-04-19 Roland StiggeAdd percentages to evaluation
2013-04-19 Roland StiggeCount abstentions separately
2013-04-19 Roland StiggeConfirm "Clear" button
2013-04-19 Roland Stigge"Clear" clears evaluation and ballot display
2013-04-19 Roland StiggeIdle / busy: Hide more widgets
2013-04-18 Roland StiggeFix evaluation output
2013-04-17 Roland StiggeImplemented option to ignore first line (separate line...
2013-04-17 Roland StiggeTranslation update
2013-04-17 Roland StiggeReset Ballot Label and Evaluation text on new folder
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